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The Bastion
The Bastion is the last remaining settlement of mankind. It is a large tract of land that remains separated from the Skyway, and it is far safer than any other surviving pieces of land. No hostile monsters can enter the Bastion, and the Bastion itself emits a soothing aura that has a distinct calming effect.

Most of the Bastion is currently empty. Where there are no buildings, there are either open fields or empty spaces in the rocky ground. These empty spaces pose no threat to any residents of the Bastion, though: unlike on the Skyway, anyone who falls through these holes will be propelled back up onto land by a jet of air.

The Bastion itself can be divided into five sections: the four cardinal directions, and the Monument.

For a rough map of the Bastion, please look here.

Changes to the Bastion
Any of the player-made or plot-made changes which affect the entire Bastion will be listed here. New buildings, as well as localized changes, will be listed under the different sections of the Bastion below.

'Nighttime'- From Day 90 to Day 158, there was a day/night cycle of sorts in the Bastion. For 10 hours each day, the sky around the Bastion goes cloudy, making it somewhat darker than the 'daytime'. This was replaced with an actual day/night cycle on Day 158.

Electricity- As of Day 120, there is electricity in all buildings of the Bastion. Additionally, all appliances and lamps (previously gas-heated) have been changed to run on electricity, and new appliances and commodities (refrigerators, outlets, etc.) have been automatically added to the appropriate locations.

New plant: the Navit- Made by Colin. As of Day 125, this plant appears in the Bastion.

New animal: Mammoths- Made by Paarthurnax and Alucard. As of Day 125, this animal appears in the Bastion and the surrounding areas of the Skyway.

New animal: tiny dragons- Made by Crona. As of Day 130, this animal appears in the Bastion.

New plant: Donut trees- Made by Aoi. As of Day 148, this plant appears in the Bastion.

Real Nighttime- On Day 158, the Bastion was upgraded to have a true day/night cycle, complete with a moon and stars. It is unknown how the Bastion manages to do this, and the effects of said cycle cannot be seen anywhere on the Skyway.

New animal: Ostrich horses- Brought in by Zuko on Day 210. They look like this.

New plant: cubic tree- Brought in by Rob on Day 230, it is a large, cube shaped tree with special properties. Click the link to see more of a description of it.

Land Expansion- On Day 265, the Bastion was expanded in size, adding about 30% more space to it.

New Plant: eternal flowers- Brought in by AZ on Day 267. Eternal flowers grow best in the shade, especially of trees, and take some time to cultivate. He'd like most around the Daycare, but where there's some shade and some trees they may be found sporadically. However, without someone tending them and taking care of weeds, they may die, as the red and black flowers are quite delicate. Once they bloom, they can grow quite large if continued care is provided.

New Animal: Jerky Cows- Brought in by Ibuki on Day 267.They grow a thick layer of jerky on the upper part of their body that can be easily removed by hand, with no pain to the cow itself.

The Monument
At the very center of the Bastion is a large stone circle, within which rests the Monument. This is the very heart of the Bastion: it takes in the cores and shards, and it controls all of the changes made to the Bastion itself. When a core or a large number of shards are brought to the Monument, the Monument will open up and take them in, using them as a power source.

Not much is known about the Monument besides these facts.

Northern Bastion
The northern part of the Bastion is where the path to the Skyway is.

Onsen - In the northern area of the Bastion, a large Japanese style onsen sits, surrounded by trees and lined with stones. The water is steaming hot, perfect for a long soak or to get clean after a day out on the skyway. It sits near the entrance to the Skyway even, which makes it perfect to come home to.

A bar about six feet high goes through lengthwise down the center of the water, with bamboo curtains that can be rolled up or down through the center so the onsen can be seperated in to sections if so desired. Conected to the whole onsen itself is a one story changing house, small sized but plenty big for several people to use at once.

Workshop - Located in the north-west of the Bastion, this is a large, three-story building, open for anyone who wants to tinker and build. More details can be found here.

Southern Bastion
To the south of the monument are some remnants of docks, as well as a river which flows from east to west. Fish and other aquatic life can be found within this small river, and it is possible to go swimming. Be careful of the edge, though: the river suddenly turns into a waterfall there.

Further up from the river and docks is the apartment complex. It is three stories high, with ten apartments on each floor. Most of the first floor is taken up by NPC residents. There is also a second apartment building: the tower. See the the housing post for more information about both buildings.

Library- Close to the two residential buildings, there is a three-story building. It is a round building with a grey brick exterior, approximately 50 feet in diameter, and is mostly cylindrical (barring the roof, which is conic and only a few feet tall). On the first two floors there are large bookcases extending all the way to the ceiling, arranged in concentric circles. For each floor there are three of these, space roughly evenly. Positioned every 90 degrees there is a break in the ring of bookcases, allowing one to proceed inward. In the middle of the floor is a single spiral stairway, which connects the three floors. Every 45 degrees along the circumference of the building there is a window, with purple (naturally) curtains on the inside. (On the first floor, one of these is replaced by the entrance, leaving only seven windows.) The third floor is the private residence of Patchouli.

Eastern Bastion
To the east are Several different buildings:

Memorial- This is a long, rectangular one-story building. Within the building is a memorial to those who were lost in the Calamity, and names are inscribed along the walls inside. In addition, there are seven urns set on a low stone table in the middle of the building, with a name inscribed on each urn. Anyone is welcome to use this building to remember those who have passed on.

Lost-and-Found- This is a two-story building, with a shop on the first floor and living quarters above. Occasionally items found on the Skyway will turn up in the Lost-and-Found. It is run by an NPC named Esther, and she does her best to keep track of all the items here. Any item in the Lost-and-Found may be claimed by anyone, but characters are discouraged from taking all the things. Esther will chase them out if she thinks they are taking too much.

Shrine- This is a very small one-story building. Inside the Shrine are totems to twelve gods, all arranged along the back wall. Anyone is welcome to pray to any God or Goddess here, the NPCs do not discriminate based on religion. Serena runs both the Shrine and the Memorial.

Hospital- This is a long, narrow, two story building near the Shrine, with the main entrance in the middle. The left side of the hospital is the A wing, and the right is the B wing. The A wing functions exactly like a normal hospital. The first floor has an emergency room, and exam room and half-a-dozen individual rooms for long-stay patients. The second floor is made up of offices, though they are empty at the moment.

B wing is structurally the same as A wing, with an emergency room, exam room, individual rooms, and offices. However, B wing has an accelerated healing function. All wounds and illnesses will heal 10 times as fast while the injured or sick person is inside of it. Please note that the B wing will only speed up any natural healing someone has. If someone has suffered a fatal wound, they will still die from that wound.

Training building - In-between the hospital and the memorial, there is a large, long building, which contains several rooms meant for training purposes. For more detail, read this writeup here.

Abandoned Buildings - As of Day 261, several empty shops have been added to the Bastion. They all have counters, shelves, and storage space, as well as what is in the description for each individual building. All of the buildings (excluding one) are on the east side of the Bastion, surrounding the Lost & Found.

#1 - This building is small and square, about 300 square feet on the inside.

#2 - This one is about 500 square feet, and is rectangular shaped. It also has a partial basement, adding about 200 square feet of cellar space.

#3 - Easily one of the biggest, this building contains over a thousand square feet, and is L-shaped. There is also a porch area filling in the remaining space, which if you include in the floorspace would turn the building area into a perfect square. Two sets of doors go from the porch to the inside, along with the front door.

#4 - This is an A-frame building, with not much space inside (maybe 100 feet at most) but with several hundred square feet of covered porch space outside.

#5 - The other of the biggest new buildings, this one is actually two stories tall. It is long and narrow, and contains about a thousand square feet per floor.

#6 - This building is about 600 square feet and is a nearly-square rectangle. Renovated into 'iBooty Shuffle' by Ibuki on Day 267.

#7 - This building is actually on the west side of the Bastion, and makes up the first floor of Residence 9. Aapproximately 550 square feet inside.

Island - The island in the large lake has steep, rocky sides that are extremely difficult to climb, with the only easy access via the narrow shore on the north-west point. The island is mostly sloped, but there's a fair-sized flat area atop the cliff at the southern end. The water below that section of the cliff is deep enough for diving.

Waterfall - Following the river upstream leads to a gap in the rock of the mountains with a narrow path on the southern wall, beyond which is hidden a small pool at the base of the waterfall that feeds the river. Between the echoing roar of the water and the surrounding cliffs it's impossible to hear anything from outside while one is in here. Several stepping stones lead from the end of the riverside path to a large boulder beneath the waterfall, allowing an attempt at meditating there.

Ford - A point where the river is shallow enough to cross easily without needing to swim, though removing footwear and rolling up pant legs may be desirable. The eastern ford is the worst, as the water is fast-moving, and the southern ford is the best, as the water is slow and the ford wide enough for a cart to safely use.

Dovahzul Stone - A large stone slab on which Paarthurnax has carved the dragon alphabet into, where he holds language classes.

Besides these buildings, there is some room for expansion.

Western Bastion
To the west there are several different buildings:

Arsenal- The Arsenal is a large one-story building. This is where characters may pick up items necessary for exploring the Skyway. Louise runs the Arsenal. Health potions and tonics are the most widely-used items available here, but characters can also find things like clothes, mundane items, and other items like that. Characters can also recharge their amulet here. Everything is free of charge, but Louise will get grumpy if a character tries to take a lot at once. Note that world-specific items cannot be found here, characters will have to look in the Lost-and-Found for those.

Forge- This is a small one-story building with a large oven stuck on the back of it. Stewart, the blacksmith, runs the forge. Characters can find just about any mundane weapon here, and they can bring their personal weapons here to be repaired or strengthened. Any character who didn't bring a weapon from their world is welcome to take one from the Forge, but keep in mind that they will need to practice to learn how to use a new weapon.

Swimming pool- Close to the forge is a medium-sized rectangular building, which contains a swimming pool. The pool itself is 25 meters/~82 feet in length, short course swimming standard, and occupies most of the building. It's filtered, self-cleaning, and heated for use regardless of the weather, and divided into five vertical lanes by paint. From one vertical end to the other, the pool goes from 1 meter/~3 feet deep to 2.5 meters/~8 feet, with markers against the wall indicating depth. There are changing rooms with showers off to the right side of the building, and the left side wall is all windows to let the sunlight in. Towels are by the entrance.

Volleyball court- Made by Aoi from materials from the Skyway, located close to where the pool is.

Distillery- This is a medium-sized one-story building with a lot of windows. On the inside is a bar and several tables. Two NPCs run this building: Georges the bartender, and Mireille the cook. Mireille serves meals three times a day out of this building, and Georges will whip up drinks for whoever wants one. In addition to regular drinks, he can make Spirits.

Farmland- Behind the Distillery is a large fenced-in area. Part of it is tilled farmland, part is a row of trees, and part is a flooded paddy-area. Right near the entrance is a small stand with a control panel, where people can input different fruits and vegetables to be grown. The Bastion automatically grows this food in the farmland. Characters only need to go pick up the food once it has been harvested. Mireille runs this area for the most part, but others are welcome to come and go as they please. Additionally, the Bastion seems to know just how many people are present, and will always grow just enough food so that nobody goes hungry.

The Ranch- The ranch is located next to the farm. It consists of one large barn, one chicken coop, and several large, open pastures. It is big enough to hold not only the animals currently residing in the Bastion (two cows and about a dozen chickens), but there is also room for any future farm animals that may be bought in.

Besides these things, there is room for expansion.

The Skyway
The Skyway is what's left of the world. Patches of land float out here, and it is prone to shifting and falling apart without notice. If a character is carrying their amulet, the patches of land will automatically move to make a path for them to walk on, which will fall away as the character continues on.

Out in the Skyway there are several kinds of monsters. It is very dangerous, so be sure to take a weapon with you!

As dangerous as the Skyway is, it is necessary to explore. Cores, shards, and other useful items can be found out here. Survival in the Bastion would not be possible without scavenging, so trips to the Skyway happen frequently.

Communication between the Bastion and the Skyway is impossible, and communication on the Skyway itself is spotty at best. It would be a good idea for groups to stay together.

For more information about the Skyway and what can be found there, please see the Skyway post.

More locations will be added as they are revealed!
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Question about the forge: characters without one are allowed to take a weapon, but if they want another after that, does that cost shards? How many? I'd like Aoi to get a gun or a bow (I haven't decided) if that makes any difference.


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