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Rebuilding the Bastion
The Bastion was damaged in the Calamity, and is currently not functioning at 100%. While Nathaniel can make some repairs, the Bastion is a self-repairing system. In order to bring the Bastion back to what it was before the Calamity, the player characters will have to find Cores and Shards.

Once used as power generators the World That Was, the Cores are made out of burstone infused with the essence of Windbags. They are not made of Windbags, but Windbags nest in the rocks down at Burstone Quarry. The continually produce energy and are thus warm and vibrating. They also "remember" the World that Was.

Cores can only be found during game-wide events, and the changes they make to the Bastion have been pre-planned. Characters who find a Core will be encouraged to bring it to the Monument as soon as they return to the Bastion.

Shards are made of the same material as Cores, but in much smaller quantities. If Cores are the power generators, then Shards are the AA batteries.They are part of the amulets everyone is given, and in large enough quantities they can be used to changes the Bastion.

Every time a character explores the Skyway, they will pick up Shards along the way. Monsters also carry Shards, so the more a character defeats the more Shards they will get.

If you are not sure how many Shards an exploration should get, just poke a mod and they will come up with a number for you. But in general, each exploration of the Skyway will yield about 20-40 new Shards per person in the exploration party, which can be divided up however the characters want. Refer to the bestiary to see how many each monster type carries.

Before you begin
The rest of this page details the different kinds of changes that can be made to the Bastion. All changes must be mod-approved. Once your character has collected enough shards, simply fill out the form at the end of this page and post it in a comment here. Once a mod approves it, the change can be played out ICly.

For large changes (new buildings, new world mechanics, etc.), an OOC post will be made by the mods about it. Please wait until after the OOC post goes up to play out those changes. We will let you know if the change your character is making requires an OOC post or not.

Environmental changes
New land
This change adds more uncultivated land to the Bastion by pulling in floating lands from the surrounding area. Land can be added to any quadrant of the Bastion, and will be composed of rock, dirt, and grass unless specified.

Cost: 15 Shards for each square yard of basic land, 20 shards for each square yard of special land (IE snow-covered land, bodies of water, patches of forest, land types specific to certain worlds, etc.)

Cultivate land
This changes uncultivated land into another land of the character's choosing. For example, grassy fields can be changed into farmland, or barren rocks can become forested. Any part of the Bastion that has not been claimed by a building or another person can be changed.

Cost: 25 Shards for each square yard of land changed.

This introduces a new species of plant to the Bastion. Any kind of plant may be brought, though the Bastion will ensure that no one species takes over. In general, new plants will grow where it makes sense for them to grow, so new aquatic plants will appear in the river, new vegetables will appear in farmland, etc.

Cost: 100 Shards for small plants, 200 Shards for large.

This introduces a new species of animals to the Bastion. Any kind of animal may be brought, as long as it is not harmful to humans. The Bastion will regulate how many of each species of animal is present, and there will always be anywhere from 2 to 10 of a given species at any given time.

Cost: 200 Shards per type of animal

This changes the weather for one in-game day. Unless the weather is changed by a character, it will always be sunny and around 70 degrees Fahrenheit/21 degrees Celsius.

Cost: 25 Shards per day of change, up to 3 days in a row. You must specify what in-game day(s) will be affected by the change of weather.

New buildings
As a note, any building changes must be very detailed with information about the building's size, layout, and purpose, or it will be rejected.

Small buildings
This change will create one small building, one-story tall and with a maximum of 500 square feet to design how you see fit. These buildings can be placed in any quadrant of the Bastion, as well as on any land brought in by the New Land change.

Cost: 300 Shards

Medium buildings
This change will create one medium building, up to two-stories tall and with a maximum of a thousand square feet per floor to design how you see fit. These buildings can be placed in any quadrant of the Bastion, as well as on any land brought in by the New Land change.

Cost: 500 Shards

Large buildings
This change will create one large building, up to three-stories tall and with a maximum of 2000 square feet per floor to design how you see fit. These buildings can only be placed in the North and South quadrants of the Bastion, as well as on any land brought in by the New Land change.

Cost: 800 Shards

This section includes all mundane and magical items. Each character can use Shards to create items either from their own world or from the world that created the Bastion. Please note that magical and world-specific items require detailed descriptions of what the item does.

Mundane items
This creates one copy of any non-magical, non-unique items that are small enough to be picked up.

Cost: 50-70 Shards, depending on the complexity of the item

Unique items
This creates one copy of any non-magical, unique items that are small enough to be picked up. This would be the change necessary for a character's personal items from home.

Cost: 80-100 Shards, depending on the complexity of the item

Large items
This creates one copy of any non-magical item that is too big to be picked up, but is smaller than a small building.

Cost: 200 Shards

Magical items
This creates one copy of any magical item that is small enough to be picked up. Please note that mods have the right to refuse any item with game-breaking powers.

Cost: 300 Shards

Big magical items
This creates one copy of any magical item that is too big to be picked up, but is smaller than a small building. Please note that mods have the right to refuse any item with game-breaking powers.

Cost: 400 Shards

Game mechanic changes
This section covers any changes to the Bastion that would alter what characters can do or how the Bastion itself behaves. Please note that mods have the right to refuse any changes that would alter the Bastion in game-breaking ways.

New ability (individual)
This change gives a new ability to an individual character. Said ability is connected to the character's amulet, and is subject to power limitations. See the (ABILITIES) section for more details.

Cost: 150 Shards

New talent (individual)
Normally it takes years of training to master a new weapon or profession. This change will allow a character to instantly learn the basics of whatever mundane skill they want. Said talent is connected to the character's amulet.

Cost: 100 Shards, for 'beginner's skill', 200 Shards for 'average skill', 300 Shards for 'master-level skill'

New rule (Bastion)
This adds a new 'rule' to the Bastion's protocol. For example, a character could change it so that vegetables planted in one specific field grow at twice the rate of any other field, or a character might change it so that characters can walk on the clouds around the Bastion. Any changes to the Bastion will be heavily moderated, and will only affect characters within the Bastion itself. Please discuss this with a mod beforehand!

Cost: 1,000+ Shards

New enemy type
This will cause the Bastion to release a new type of enemy into the wilds of the Skyway. Each time this change is used, approximately 30 of the new type of enemy will be created. Any enemy created will need to have all of the data from the (MONSTER PAGE) to be accepted.

Cost: 300-500 Shards, depending on the type of monster.

Other changes
If you can think of another type of change that doesn't fit into any of the other categories, fill out the form with your idea and a mod will tell you if it is feasible or not. We welcome creativity, so don't feel limited by what you see here. These are more of guidelines than set rules.

The form
Please fill out the form in it's entirety and post it as a comment to this page. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Date: 2013-10-31 06:16 am (UTC)
freedom_engineer: (At Work)
From: [personal profile] freedom_engineer
Name: Colin Starfury

Change: Colin wants to introduce a fruit-bearing plant native to an alien world. The Navit plant is a large climbing vine plant, which bears plum-sized pomaceous fruit. The fruit is incredibly juicy and sweet, but the Navit fruit's real claim to fame are its seeds. Containing three times as much caffeine as coffee beans, the seeds of Navit fruit are a primary export of the Psilon empire. Navit vine leaves can also be made into a bitter tea, which when brewed with powdered Navit seed is a favorite source of caffeine for scientists throughtout the galaxy. The plants can grow to over twenty-five feet in height, and the heavy fruit is relatively easy to harvest. Several of these plants will appear at the farm, and may also grow in warmer portions of the Skyway if seeds are spread.

Day: Day 125, as soon as possible. Introducing this plant has been Colin's primary goal ever since he found out that the Bastion could produce it.

Cost: 200 Shards

Date: 2013-11-01 05:42 am (UTC)
wayofvoice: (Raan Mir Tah + Nobody grows old)
From: [personal profile] wayofvoice
Name: Paarthurnax and Alucard
Change: MAMMOTHS. Paarthurnax is going to be bringing in Skyrim mammoths, large creatures that can be devoured and herded. Giants did so in Skyrim, but, for the most part unless someone else decides to intervene, Paarthurnax will do the minimum of watching over them and making sure they don't fall off the edge. At most, they will be in herds of four and fairly docile so long as they are not attacked. They'll eat whatever vegetation they can find on the Open Plains, where they'll generally be kept. Anyone who wants to try can milk them, and the milk can be used to make cheese. In game, it's possible to get meat and tusks from them, but in the Bastion the rest of their body (hide, other bones, etc) can also be presumably used.
Day: Day 125
Cost: 200 Shards (100 from Paar, 100 from Alucard)

Date: 2013-11-01 06:22 am (UTC)
superdrowningskills: (Is...that a smile?)
From: [personal profile] superdrowningskills
Just a confirmation that Alucard is totally down with this plan. o/

Date: 2013-11-10 01:45 am (UTC)
blackblooded: (ragnarok flying)
From: [personal profile] blackblooded
Name: Crona
Change: Tiny baby dragons! They're about a foot tall, and can breathe little puffs of fire (but not much, and don't unless they're scared). Personality-wise they're like skittish cats. They do eat meat, so they'll probably start hanging around the kitchen trash looking for scraps.
Day: Day 130
Cost: 200

Date: 2013-12-16 04:55 am (UTC)
orzelbialy: (♭ to the next dream...)
From: [personal profile] orzelbialy
Name: Frederic Francois Chopin
Change: A gazebo, somewhere possibly close to the more central areas of the Bastion, where things like public performances and gatherings can be held.
Day: 138
Cost: 500 so it's a decently sized one that can be used for multiple things, not just an eventual piano that will be in there. If at all possible, a small storage shed next to it where things can be packed up and stored.

Date: 2013-12-18 10:11 am (UTC)
lamentingly: (it's so unreal)
From: [personal profile] lamentingly
Name: Future Gohan
Change: Gohan wants to make use of the shards he's accumulated to ask for eight square yards of basic land on the east side of the Bastion, as well as a small house that can serve his basic needs. He can survive without a house though, given he's been living by campfire ever since being released from the hospital. But he would like a place to call his own, and he's nothing if not sentimental about his past. So he figures the most basic house he can ask for is Great Grandpa Gohan's house, which is incredibly small, but has a very intricate interior and can serve his basic survival needs. [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
Day: 141
Cost: 200 for the house (Mod Jeni approved), and 120 for the eight square yards of basic land, so 320 total. Taking into account Gohan being in the hospital for about three days, and already being in the Bastion for up to two weeks, he's probably spent the other 11 days hunting in the Skyway, which at an average of 30 per day, means he has somewhere around 330 shards.

Date: 2013-12-19 09:17 am (UTC)
freedom_engineer: (At Work)
From: [personal profile] freedom_engineer
Name: Colin Starfury

Change: A large, three-story building that will serve as an advanced workshop for everyone in the Bastion. The building is located in the Northwestern part of the Bastion.

The first floor of the building is primarily devoted to workspace. There is a vehicle bay lined with several workstations for various tasks, from simple sawing and laser drilling, to an arc welding station and a metallurgy table. Colin will implement several advanced tools later on in the event that the bastion is unable to replicate them, but for basic tasks the tools are easy. The first floor will also have a storage room for salvage and works in progress, taking up five hundred square feet of the southwestern part of the building, accessible from both inside and outside. Finally, there will be a small locked chamber which will contain the fusion generator that Colin is building, which won't be accessible to anyone except for Colin.

The second floor will be devoted to more complex and slightly hazardous work. Nearly half of the second floor will be devoted to a clean room, which Colin will only allow people trained in its use to access so as to keep it free from contamination. Much of the rest of the floor will be devoted to chemical workings, coupled with appropriate safety measures in order to ensure that those working with chemicals can stay safe and shut down any projects at a moment's notice. This includes chemical neutralization showers, eye-washes, heavy ventilation systems, and industrial quality drainage.

The third floor is Colin's private floor which will remain locked with a key that he'll keep. Here he'll have a bedroom, an electronics workstation at which he will be working on creating new computers, a sonic shower, and a refrigeration unit to preserve his energy drinks. There will also be considerable empty space for expansion which Colin intends to fill once he's able to get the Bastion equipped with more advanced technology. This third floor will also have far more extensive climate control than the rest of the building, as Colin prefers very specific temperatures when he's working with computers.

The floors will be linked by staircases at the east end of the building, and a freight elevator will also allow for the transport of larger items between floors.

Finally, on the exterior of the building's north side, there will be a large scaffold set up so that Colin can better work on macro-scaled equipment for Paarthurnax, as well as any other large projects that the Bastion may need.

Day: Day 141

Cost: 800

training building-

Date: 2013-12-30 07:04 am (UTC)
notduchess: (Default)
From: [personal profile] notduchess
Name: 'Duke' Pantarei
Change: One large building, one open side facing the edge of the Bastion for the shooting range (probably a long side) for both bows and guns. 50x40 foot, doors in both 40 ends, 50 size facing edge. Between Hospital and Memorial (sorry) (800 shards)
preferably 200~ yards back from the edge, with a clear fence(5 foot minimum) marking out the archery/gun range ("small building" cost added for fence? +150 shards = 950 shards)

two "rooms" for first floor, one thin long one for the people with their ranged weapons, one large one for mass melee. Ceiling high enough for AZ + a staff for his size (20ft ceiling if possibly), floor is sand over packed earth in Melee room. One wall (furthest from gun/archery range) is floor length mirror with sliding wood covers (an inch or two away from the mirrors)

Wall between archery/gun range and melee room will be thicker than other walls. Door is sturdy. Walls at both ends are storage lockers, as well as wall inside melee room on the side of the archery range.

Second story has thick floor all across (same thickness as archery/melee wall added to "normal flooring" thickness), and a small sink-kitchen area (water taps, sturdy cups), a few benches and chairs and tables, and two rooms for showers. (so people can rinse off, then go to the hotsprings for any aches!) and space for more storage if needed (probably would be). This floor is 11 foot ceiling.

200 per lughead, gasfella, windbag

1 melee (one hand) (lug, gas) (400)
1 melee (two hand) (lug, gas) (400)
1 melee (all) wind (200)
1 ranged wind (200)
1 ranged (lug, gas) (arrow) (400)
"Gun range" gets shapes of cloth and wood in lughead / gasfella / windbag for now

Comes with (ALL THINGS ARE BLUNT) 5 light-medium swords (suited a more toward slashing than fencing), 4 heavier swords (one/two handed ones), 2 heavier (two handers), 3 club-like weapons (one-two handed (think plain club, or Estelle-like maces)), 5 staff weapons, 5 caps that attach "blades" of spear type to staff, 5 caps that attach "halberd" style blades, 5 20lb bows, 3 30lb bows, 3 40lb bows. 10 sets of draw-practicing equipment (a stretchy cord with two handles, in 5x 5lb "draw", 5x 10lb "draw") 10 assorted sizes of arm guards and finger tabs (paired), 2 quiver sets of small, medium, large arrows each (15 per quiver). 2 crank crossbows, 2 quivers of bolts (15 per quiver)
One note on door depicting = An arrow next to an arm and matching, arrow next to an arm and not matching within a circle showing the weapon's building, and a pointing arrow to the smithy with a happy stick figure with a matching arrow and arm (circled with the smithy). (aka, arrows provided may not suit everyone, if you really want to use a bow well, get suited arrows from the right place-)

(Sorry AZ, none of this will be of a suitable size except for the building itself)

Notes on every so often on the storage lockers (where practice things are kept) show = One sword -> hand holding sword and broken sword -> hand holding shards -> hand holding sword, with little sparkles about it indicating new. (Aka, you break, you replace)

Day: Day 149th
Cost: 2550. She's been going out on the skyway daily for her scrappy training dummies- (and she has been here... forever.... since day 58-)

Re: training building-

From: [personal profile] radiantwingedone - Date: 2014-01-06 08:28 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2014-01-03 10:08 pm (UTC)
amphibian: (when the world's crashing down)
From: [personal profile] amphibian
Name: Aoi Asahina

Change: Donut trees are now local to the bastion! They closely resemble apple trees, but instead of having branches blooming with apples, there are...donuts. All kinds of donuts! Basically any flavor of donut you'd expect to find in a donut store, frosted or powdered or glazed and maybe with sprinkles, grows on the trees. Donuts will grow back about five hours after being picked. The trees' leaves come in very bright rainbow colors—the kinds you'd see sprinkles in—and if anyone is daring enough to eat one (why), they taste like sugar. Their trunks are light brown, the color of a plain donut, and if the same goofball who ate the leaf tries eating the bark, it's just going to taste like wooden flour. Gross.

Day: 148 (the day after the festival's end)

Cost: 200. Aoi has been making daily Skyway trips since day 122 (exercise!!!) when the idea of a donut tree was proposed to her.

Date: 2014-01-10 07:19 am (UTC)
wayofvoice: (Iiss Slen Nus + Family quarrels are)
From: [personal profile] wayofvoice
Name: Paarthurnax
Change: This time, it isn't a wide-scale change but rather more personal. Paar is simply buying three pieces of armor from this set: main armor, boots, and hood. No gloves today! Needless to say, they won't be in his size but that of someone much smaller, human-y, and young if one had to guess.

The entire set is heavily enchanted, but each piece has its own unique affect. The armor itself gives its wearer more stamina, allowing them to carry on longer and carry heavier things than they normally would be able to. It's also enchanted against the cold and frost, the wearer feeling warmer in cold climates or feeling less effects of a cold spell. The boots make the wearer's footsteps almost completely silent, even when running or on normally noisy material. The hood takes away some of the difficulty in casting Illusion spells... although of course that actually requires the individual in question knowing those at all.
Day: Day 148
Cost: 900! This will spend nearly all the shards Paar has collected since November with wavering degrees of how much he's hunted during these few months. (Paar does his best to regularly go to the Skyway, and on a good month when this is possible every single day, he gets 400 a month. However, due to enjoying mammoths and the Mancer Observatory event, he hasn't been able to spend entire months hunting.)

Date: 2014-04-19 02:33 am (UTC)
amphibian: (we are nothing)
From: [personal profile] amphibian
Name: Aoi Asahina

Change: "Aoi," they said, "look at the donut trees, don't you think we've already gone too far."

Of course not.

This time Aoi is getting a donut bush. Just the one, though, located just north of the lake, because it's going to be enormous. Two donuts of random flavors grow on the bush at a time, regrowing about a day after being picked, and each donut has about a six foot diameter. The donuts are in no way different than normal donuts like the ones on the trees, just scaled up and also growing on a goddamn bush.

Like the trees, the bush is made of rainbow-colored sugary leaves.

Also like the trees, it is too absurd for words.

Aoi, why.

Day: 181

Cost: 200

Date: 2014-05-02 09:08 pm (UTC)
unwrittenformula: (η ≕ 2 + 3)
From: [personal profile] unwrittenformula

Name: Joint effort between the new daycare couple N and Hilda

Change: So they brought home a lot of eggs, right? And there were eggs from the festival, and a Ditto...

Clearly this is getting to be a bit crowded for our trainers. It's time for a new Daycare Center! Only this Daycare Center will be slightly functionally different in that, due to limited number of trainers who know how to care for baby Pokemon, this is something closer to a Pokemon Orphanage or something like that.

The house itself is going to be a plain looking two story farm house, no bigger than 2,000 sq ft per floor.

(It will be using this layout minus the basement)

The first floor will contain the living room and kitchen, but the living room will actually be converted to an indoor Pokemon playroom. The kitchen will remain the same, along with the laundry room next to it.

The second floor will have three bedrooms, the living area for our trainers (and Anna).

New land will also be included for a large fenced in yard that will have a decent sized pond for water Pokemon, and a strip of land where up to six trees can be planted. Four of those spots will be taken up by berry trees - Oran, Leppa, Sitrus, Lum. The other two spaces will be empty for now. Next to that area there will also be a mulcher to make mulch out of extra berries.

Hilda would also like to get a large bag of PokeChow.

Day: Started on Day 182 (To go up on Day 184)

House = 800
Land = 795
Trees = 800
PokeChow = 50

N will be paying for the house and two trees, Hilda will be paying for the land, two trees and the PokeChow.

Date: 2014-05-02 09:23 pm (UTC)
ourlegends: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ourlegends
Commenting to say that I approved of Jeni posting this up for both of us!

(no subject)

From: [personal profile] gianthobo - Date: 2014-05-02 10:20 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2014-05-11 03:55 am (UTC)
freedom_engineer: (At Work)
From: [personal profile] freedom_engineer
Name: Colin Starfury

Change: A small building that will house a food preservation and storage facility. This is a one story building, and will be located adjacent to the Bastion's barn for ease of access.

The building itself houses automated equipment, controlled via simple control panel, with which the inhabitants of the Bastion can put in surplus food for canning. There will also be climate controlled storage space for all of the canned foods, ensuring that everything is kept in the most optimal conditions for preservation.

Additionally, there will be a decently sized meat locker to keep meat refridgerated. Between the fish, the mammoths, and Colin's other building purchase, the Bastion will likely have more meat than they know what to do with. The meat lockers will ensure that this meat lasts as long as possible.

There will be walkways for accessing the equipment, the locker, and the storage room. There will be very little room for anything else in this building, as the equipment will take up a majority of the space. The only seat in the building will be a chair at the control panel, in case anyone needs to spend extra time working at it.

Day: Day 188

Cost: 300

Date: 2014-05-11 04:17 am (UTC)
freedom_engineer: (At Work)
From: [personal profile] freedom_engineer
Name: Colin Starfury

Change: What has science done? It's created a synthetic meat farm!

Colin will be introducing this small building beside the food preservation building. More of a laboratory than a farm, the building will house several vats in which various meats can be cultivated through a means not unlike cloning. It will also house large stores of the materials required for the growth process, and equipment to clean itself regularly.

This building is also automated, though it is far more complex than anything else seen in Bastion. Several terminals inside control the process of creating slabs of meat, as well as analyzing the meat to ensure quality and creating new samples. Any animal meat can be placed into the analyzer so that it can be grown again in the future.

The facility has an absolute multitude of types of meat pre-programmed into its systems, and the selection process is an easy picture-based interface. Once the animal is selected, the cuts of meat can then be selected. The only limitation of the system is that it cannot recreate bone, and it cannot create brains. Once the cuts of meat are selected, the growth process begins and takes anywhere from two to three days to produce a finished product. The finished slabs of meat are always five to six pounds, and are ready to be sliced as desired.

Day: Day 188

Cost: 300

(no subject)

From: [personal profile] freedom_engineer - Date: 2014-05-11 04:25 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2014-05-11 08:39 am (UTC)
hellpyre: (pic#7348976)
From: [personal profile] hellpyre
Name: Rin Okumura (with help from Hilda's Pokedex)
Change: OSHAWOTT. Cause Bastion totally needs a water spouting otter... thing. Because this is a Pokemon breed, there will only be one and it will come as an egg.
Day: 186
Cost: 200

Date: 2014-06-01 01:27 pm (UTC)
wayofvoice: (Su Grah Dun + Sadness flies away)
From: [personal profile] wayofvoice
Name: Paarthurnax
Change: Paar is getting 3 things because, goddammit old man, you need to spend this shit. They are as follows:

1. Nightingale Gloves - A pair of light armor gloves made for thieves. Gives bonuses to one-handed weapon use and lockpicking. When worn together with the rest of the Nightingale Armor set (armor, boots, hood), an advantage is given that makes the armor all together stronger but no less fit to move in.

2. Dwarven Centurion - A massive metal construction made by the now extinct race of Dwemer. (More extinct than most things in Bastion, anyway. The Calamity didn't really change things for them.) While very slow, it can take a lot of damage and dish out a lot with the battleaxe and warhammer attached to its arms. It can also fire out scalding steam. It's powered by a Centurion dynamo Core. While normally dangerous to just about anyone, this one will be reprogrammed by the Bastion to not attack any of its inhabitants.

3. Nirnroot - A peculiar glowing plant that emits a slight ringing noise and grows by water. With traditional Skyrim/Tamriel alchemy, this plant can be made into potions that give any of these affects: damage health, damage stamina, invisibility, resist magic.

So that makes up a small magic item, a large magic item, and a flora addition.
Day: Day 196 (this friday)
Cost: 300 (gloves) + 400 (Centurion) + 100 (Nirnroot) = 800 shards

this is what happens when you don't update your shards in for-freakin'-ever, kids, you suddenly have a bunch you need to spend
Edited Date: 2014-06-01 01:36 pm (UTC)

birdmod finally snaps

Date: 2014-06-03 11:57 am (UTC)
fuckthemancers: (vineapple) (I love you and want you to know)
From: [personal profile] fuckthemancers
Name: Zulf
Change: Rattle-tails, a kind of bird native to the Tazal Terminals and their connecting underground tunnels. They have a tendency to burrow and eat Squirts, along with rocks, crystal, and roots. Their native uses are: guardbirds, food, source of feathers (which are good for arrows, decoration, fluffing, and quills), pets, work-animals, and Squirt eliminators if need be. The Caelondians simply viewed them as pests, however. While, like any animal, they can be provoked, they won't attack any of the Bastion inhabitants of their own initiative. They can defend themselves by generally flipping their shit and, by using the rattles attached to their tails, harden up the stirred up dirt and dust to form mini-meteors that will hit people. They respond best to people who feed them and anyone who learns the Ura whistles/hand gestures that they listen to. Their eggs are enormous, and hatch out spawn the size of small dogs. Full-grown adults are large enough for small Caelondian Mason children to ride, although they don't exactly like it.
Day: Day 197
Cost: 200
Edited Date: 2014-06-03 12:01 pm (UTC)

Date: 2014-06-07 11:16 pm (UTC)
amphibian: (to the changing of the tides; oh no)
From: [personal profile] amphibian
Name: Aoi
Change: I was thinking about how way back when, she put together a volleyball court with materials from the Skyway and if it could possibly be added to the settings page?
It's just a standard, if kind of slapdash, volleyball net. White lines have been painted on the area around it to make it roughly meet the dimension guidelines of a competitive court. The net meets something close to women's volleyball standards.
Day: 172

Aoi's buying a medium building, located at the northwestern part of the Bastion, near the forge, to act as an indoor swimming pool! The pool itself is 25 meters/~82 feet in length, short course swimming standard, and occupies most of the building. It's filtered, self-cleaning, and heated for use regardless of the weather, and divided into five vertical lanes by paint. From one vertical end to the other, the pool goes from 1 meter/~3 feet deep to 2.5 meters/~8 feet, with markers against the wall indicating depth. There are changing rooms with showers off to the right side o fthe building, and the left side wall is all windows to let the sunlight in. Towels are by the entrance.
The pool, of course, is full of chlorinated water, and not donuts or protein shakes; glory hallelujah.
Day: 198—I figure that gets us after the radio tower mission but before shit actually goes down, but lemme know if doing this later'd be better!
Cost: 500
Edited (HAD TO MAKE A CLARIFICATION BECAUSE OF AOI'S POOR REPUTATION, then specified a location) Date: 2014-06-09 02:10 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-06-15 03:31 am (UTC)
freedom_engineer: (At Work)
From: [personal profile] freedom_engineer
Name: Colin Starfury
Change: A Class 3 Environmental Suit.

Class 3 Environmental Suits are designed to survive in the harshest of conditions, from arctic worlds to plague-infested wastelands to irradiated rocks orbiting far too close to a sun for comfort.

The suit is a sealed, self-contained environment once donned. With life support systems, power systems, micro replicators, and catheters, the suit can keep someone alive in a hostile environment for up to thirty days. Near the end of that span of time, the wearer is breathing and drinking things recycled from things he didn't need anymore. Needless to say, it isn't pretty and it isn't pleasant, but it will keep someone alive.

Also, it is not armor. It can survive sharp protrusions, radiation, and extreme temperatures, but it will not protect against knives, bullets, or any other form of attack.

Day: 196 (Special request, as Colin is going to be purchasing this item immediately upon return from the trip where they encountered the plague. After decontamination.)

Cost: 200 (Complex unique item: Not quite magical, but not mundane either.)
Edited Date: 2014-06-15 03:36 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-06-16 10:17 pm (UTC)
coolerthansora: (uber secret)
From: [personal profile] coolerthansora
Name: Roxas
Change: New large building for the southern part of the Bastion:
A modest three-story house with a warm reddish-orange brick exterior and large windows. The first floor includes a cozy living area complete with fireplace and plush sofa, a decently sized kitchen and connected dining area, and a half bath. The second floor has the full bath and three bedrooms of equal size, although only Roxas and Xion will be living there for now.

The third floor is a plain loft area about half the size of the first two stories. On the west side, french doors open out onto the flat roof of the second story. There is no railing to prevent anyone from falling off, just a lip about a foot high.

Adjacent to the house and facing out onto the yard is a small chocobo stable with three stalls and some space for storage. The stable door is typically left open, and the yard is not fenced off, giving the birds free reign of the Bastion. The stable just provides them a place to roost, especially if we ever get weather.

The house itself is about 1000 square feet on the first story, and the stable is about another 1000 square feet.
Day: 199 if that's cool. Sorry we're a little late as Xion-mun was on hiatus!
Cost: 800, so nearly all the shards he has at this point.

Date: 2014-07-01 01:30 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] heptagram
I really hope I have enough information. If not, sorry ):

Name: Patchouli
Change: Type: large building, located in the southern section of the Bastion, near the apartments and the tower. This kind of assumes I have read the map correctly.

This building will contain, primarily, a library. It is a round building with a grey brick exterior, approximately 50 feet in diameter, and is mostly cylindrical (barring the roof, which is conic and only a few feet tall). On the first two floors there are large bookcases extending all the way to the ceiling, arranged in concentric circles. For each floor there are three of these, space roughly evenly. Positioned every 90 degrees there is a break in the ring of bookcases, allowing one to proceed inward. In the middle of the floor is a single spiral stairway, which connects the three floors. Every 45 degrees along the circumference of the building there is a window, with purple (naturally) curtains on the inside. (On the first floor, one of these is replaced by the entrance, leaving only seven windows.)

The third floor is drastically different. First of all, it only has four windows, placed every 90 degrees. Additionally, most of it is locked off from everyone except Patchouli; only the stairs are accessible without a key (which I would assume is provided, and will certainly be on Patchouli's person at all times where possible). This floor will contain her new home. It's separated into three rooms, two of them taking up about 40% of the area of the floor each, one of which will be her bedroom. The smaller room will be a storage room.

Yes, I really feel like this description is lacking in detail, but hopefully it's enough?

Day: 208 is long enough, right?
Cost: 800 shards is enough, I would assume?
Edited (i adjusted the date because how do time) Date: 2014-07-05 06:19 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-07-11 09:16 pm (UTC)
daughterofursa: (if it comes to it)
From: [personal profile] daughterofursa
Name: Zuko
Change: Ostrich horses! Of comparable size to chocobos, but generally of more docile temperments, ostrich horses were widely used in the Earth Kingdom as, well, horses. They make good mounts and can also be used as beasts of burden.
Day: 210
Cost: 200

Date: 2014-07-22 12:15 am (UTC)
notduchess: (Feeling sick totally not embarrassed)
From: [personal profile] notduchess
Name: 'Duke' Pantarei
Change: Duke gets some ToV medical books that may or may not be helpful, because VAGUE CANON. One on the heart problems / diseases that they're aware of / how to diagnose them, one on how to treat some common ones, two on FANCY HEALING SPELLS because Duke figures that might be a good thing to learn more on.
Day: 209 because i am a forgetful person (if that is okay)
IDK how much a textbook would cost. so... 200-280 shards for all four? I am 99% sure the spell ones will probably be better information than the other medical ones so she will buy language skills later
Edited Date: 2014-07-22 12:22 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-07-23 01:13 am (UTC)
evacuate: (our love it serves to alienate)
From: [personal profile] evacuate
Name: Zia
Change: Zia is purchasing a medium building placed hereish. Specifically: a house, painted white with a cute blue door and matching window shutters.

The ground floor of the house follows this floorplan, with one exception that I'm too bad at straight lines to make on my own: attached to the right side of bedroom 2 is a second room of the same size (10'6" x 10'5"). The building isn't a perfect quadrilateral; the room just kind of juts out the side and the rest of that area above it is grass. The extra room is a workroom with a workbench, some shelves, and other relevant workroom stuff. Altogether, the space build on adds up to ~950 square feet.

Additionally, bedroom 1 includes a workbench included with the usual furniture-type stuff, as well as a skylight on the ceiling. Bedrooms 3 and 4 have staircases under trapdoors styled like this. The stairs lead to the lower floor, built underground with the power of ~Bastion magic~ providing appropriate amounts of additional dirt.

The lower floor is designed as a proper Ura den, the actual details of which I'll fill in later as previously discussed, but it's definitely super rad.

Zia is also purchasing a gramophone, and a bookshelf full of books (generic things like Caelondian history books, now useless geography books, fairytale anthologies, and (as previously discussed) stupid random things like Harry Potter 3 and 5 and none of the others and World Encyclopedia Volume 12 of 18 and Atlas of [World Nobody's Ever Heard of Before]) for the house's living room.

Day: 212
Cost: 500 for the building + 200 for the bookshelf + 50 for the gramophone = 750
Edited Date: 2014-07-31 10:56 pm (UTC)

Date: 2014-08-25 08:04 am (UTC)
four_quarts: (Default)
From: [personal profile] four_quarts
Name: Ghaleon
Change: All Ghaleon wants is his lute.
Day: 224
Cost: 80 is enough, right?

Date: 2014-08-29 02:29 pm (UTC)
dragonsorcsandwolves: (Default)
From: [personal profile] dragonsorcsandwolves
Name: Rob Edwards
Change: A cubic oak tree, similar to the ones in Minecraft but modified to be more practical in the real world. This is a single oak tree made of perfect 1-foot cubes, located near the donut bush (let's try and keep all of our impossible flora in one area people). The trunk is 15 feet tall without a single branch and is surrounded by cubes of leaves starting at 6 feet about the ground, which all grow from a complex web of thin twigs without a branch in sight. If someone strikes the trunk or leaves without the intent to cause them damage they're as tough as rock, but if someone strikes the tree with the intent to damage it or knock it over, the trunk will instantly sever from the stump in a perfectly clean cut and the tree will fall over, the cubes of leaves coming apart into their component leaves as soon as they or the trunk hit the ground, after which all materials are perfectly normal and exhibit no anomalous properties. Each time the tree is felled there's a 25% chance of a coreless, seedless red apple appearing from the leaves when they come apart, although there was clearly never a single apple in the tree before it fell. Once exactly ten minutes have passed since the tree fell, the tree will instantaneously re-form exactly as it was before the moment that the space around the stump is clear enough that it can. The net result of all this is an endless supply of high-quality, kiln-dried, 15-foot-long 1-foot-square oak logs.
Day: 230
Cost: 200
Edited Date: 2014-09-26 12:00 pm (UTC)

Date: 2014-10-04 10:25 pm (UTC)
windgod: (Gotta Train)
From: [personal profile] windgod
Name: Ippo Mankunouchi
Change: The New Kamogawa Boxing Gym, more or less a perfect recreation of his old boxing gym. A two story building with a basement; the first floor contains a fully functioning boxing ring and whatever equipment Ippo and friends managed to haul back from the old gym with them. The Basement contains a set of showers and a room for watching old VHS tapes, old TV included. The top floor houses some more space for more personalized training and a manager's office. All in all, a place for everyone to come to get their workout on.
Day: Day 238
Cost: 800
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