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There are several places characters can live within the Bastion. This page is for keeping track of where everyone is staying.
The Apartments
This is a three-story building on the south side of the Bastion. Each apartment contains a living room, a kitchen/dining room, one bedroom, and a bathroom. They're about 350 square feet in size. A floorplan of each apartment can be seen here, and a general layout of each floor is here.

Even-numbered apartments face the Monument, and odd-numbered apartments face the river.

Floor 1
Room 1 - Louise (NPC)
Room 2 - Serena (NPC)
Room 3 -
Room 4 - Nathaniel (NPC)
Room 5 -
Room 6 - Yosuke Otoha
Room 7 - Sayaka Miki
Room 8 -
Room 9 - Anya Jenkins
Room 10 -
Floor 2
Room 1 - Megaera D'Ashland
Room 2 -
Room 3 -
Room 4 -
Room 5 -
Room 6 -
Room 7 -
Room 8 -
Room 9 -
Room 10 -
Floor 3
Room 1 -
Room 2 - Aoi Asahina
Room 3 - Patchouli Knowledge
Room 4 - Makoto Naegi
Room 5 -
Room 6 -
Room 7 -
Room 8 -
Room 9 -
Room 10 - Ryu (4)
Attic Crawlspace


The Tower
The tower is a tall, eight-story building on the southern side of the Bastion, a bit further away from the river than the apartments. Stairs go up to each floor in the middle, with apartments around the outside of the stairwell. The first floor has a rec room, a laundry room, and a sitting area. Floors two through eight have two apartments each, with each apartment having a living room, a kitchen/dining room, a bathroom, and three bedrooms. The roof is flat, and can be accessed via the stairwell.

A floor plan of the first floor can be seen here, and one of floors two through eight can be seen here.

Tower apartments
2A - Haruka Kokonose, Takane Enomoto
2B -

3A - Nanaki
3B -

4A -
4B -

5A -
5B - Rin Okumura and Ryuuji "Bon" Suguro

6A -
6B -

7A -
7B -

8A - Azula
8B - The Disciple, The Psiioniic

The Cottages
A short distance away from the Apartments, on the side that faces the Monument, there is a road that connects ten small houses, five on each side. Odd-numbers are on the Apartments-side of the road, even on the Monument-side. The houses all have the same, 2-bedroom floorplan, but the outsides are all structured to look differently. Each one looks like it came from a different world: one could have come from modern America, while another clearly has Fire Nation influences in the architecture. The same 'world designs' can be found inside the house as well.

A floorplan can be found here.

NOTE: If the house you're choosing doesn't have a description yet, please include 1-2 sentences, saying what world the house is designed to mimic. Remember that these houses are pretty small, so there won't be huge castles or anything.

The Cottages
description- This house is styled after homes from the city of Caelondia, from the game "Bastion". The roof is short and flat, just barely giving enough space for the rooms on the second floor, and the house itself is made out of large pieces of stone.
residents- Stewart and Anna (NPCs)

description- This house looks like an imitation of a log cabin-style building with a cedar shingle roof, but has clearly been built with modern construction methods and perfectly-cut logs, resulting in something a bit fake-looking. The interior is designed to look like some rustic all-wood cabin, but the obvious modern perfection is here too and the interior has the same vaguely-fake look as the exterior. The furniture is all very generic Ikea stuff and very bland, but the living room has a ridiculously oversized stone fireplace that's very out-of-place compared to the rest of the interior.
residents- Rob Edwards

description- . A house that looks like it could have come from Death City. Yellow stucco outside, oddly shaped (roundish) windows at odd heights, the second floor looks like a total afterthought and is actually hanging half way off the first floor (so there's a little shady area on the side of the house). The yard is all rocks and desert-type plants.


description- The house could be Fire Nation, or East Asian as most would identify it. The walls are white stone, with paper-screen windows and a red-tiled roof accented in gold. The interior is sparsely furnished but boasts a lot of red--the lanterns, the rugs, the Fire Nation banner in the living room. The amenities are still modern, but styled so as not to appear out-of-place.
residents- Zuko


description- This house appears to be less a house and more of a windowless box structure, with large vertical protrusions made of stone and mangled metal. The doors were removed, and instead replaced by a piece of metal sheeting that can be moved aside with some difficulty. There is very sparse, very faded colouring on the outside, hinting that it was once trimmed in red and blue paint. The second story also appears to be intentionally missing a large section of roof, allowing one to access the insides of the cottage with relative ease.


description- This cottage is a very simple building, with a thatched roof and whitewashed stone walls. It has one bedroom on the first floor and one in the attic rather than the usual floor plan with both bedrooms upstairs. The lower bedroom has a door to the outside, which will lead into a small but thriving garden. Furnishings are likewise simple and practical, smooth finished wood that is utilitarian rather than decorative. It has a trapdoor opening out onto the roof.

description- It is a charming little cottage of brick and wood creeping with green moss in the common style of modern Albion that boasts the conveniences of electricity and indoor plumbing. Two stories with a vaulted roof and the chimney always billowing pie-scented smoke, Rowan spends his free time searching for curious, quaint and comfortable things to fill the home with, like suits of armor, colorful rugs and overstuffed furniture. The home is warm and inviting, like a well-organized antique shop or a favorite grandmother's house.

Abandoned Residences
With the newest land upgrade, several buildings have been incorporated into the landscape of the Bastion, along the south and west sides. Several of them seem to have been residences before the Calamity, and are available for use. All of these residences have working power and running water, and they have a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room in addition to the rooms mention in the descriptions below. However, unless the description says otherwise, they only have the barest of furnishings (beds, tables, chairs, etc.).

The different houses do not actually have numbers on them, they are just numbered here for convenience.

1: A squat, one-story house with two bedrooms.

residents- Black Rock Shooter

2: A body house, completely square, with the living quarters in the middle and four bedrooms, with one in each corner of the house.


3: A two-story building which was once one large house, but has been divided up into two separate living areas, upstairs and downstairs. Each floor has two bedrooms, and the downstairs living area also has a den.

residents- Upstairs:

4: A very small house, with only one bedroom. Unlike the others, this one actually has furnishings in it.

residents- Ibuki Mioda, Ippo Makunouchi

5: This house is actually a boat that has somehow been placed in the lake. It is attached to a dock, and the inside is fully furnished. It has one main bedroom, and then two side bedrooms which have two beds each in them.


6: This house is shaped like a giant boot, and it has seven bedrooms: three on the first floor (along with the rest of the rooms), two on the second, and two on the third. The living room and kitchen are large enough to hold at least ten people, if not more.


7: This house is a two-bedroom split-level, with a garage below half of the house.


8: This house is mostly a normal, square home with two bedrooms, but there is a small observatory attached to it that contains a third bedroom.

residents- Rose Quartz

9:This residence is actually the second floor above an empty store, not far from the distillery.


10: This house is shaped like a giant triangle, with the roof going all the way to the ground. There is one small bedroom (with a short ceiling) on the second floor, and the rest of the rooms are on the first.


The Campgrounds
This is a large, flat, open area with several fire pits littered around. The campground itself is located to the far west, on the new land added behind the armory. On the eastern side of it, there are two squat buildings which serve as restrooms, showers, and a place to gather water.

In a third building there are sets of tents. It is difficult to get an exact count of how many, as the building seems to refill itself whenever tents are taken out. Most of them are the standard ones you would expect to see, in either old style or a more modern look. However, there are a few odd ones mixed in as well.

The land itself looks large enough to comfortably hold a hundred or so tents, if they are arranged in neat rows, and there are stone paths snaking through the grass.

residents- Ten Ura NPCs (including Zee and Vee), Myrrh

Other Locations
These are other places within the Bastion where people live.

The Bastcast house
The bastcast house is painted white with a cute blue door and matching window shutters.

The ground floor of the house follows this floorplan, with one exception: attached to the right side of bedroom 2 is a second room of the same size (10'6" x 10'5"). The building isn't a perfect quadrilateral; the room just kind of juts out the side and the rest of that area above it is grass. The extra room is a workroom with a workbench, some shelves, and other relevant workroom stuff. Altogether, the space build on adds up to ~950 square feet.

Additionally, bedroom 1 includes a workbench included with the usual furniture-type stuff, as well as a skylight on the ceiling. Bedrooms 3 and 4 have staircases under trapdoors styled like this. The stairs lead to the lower floor, built underground with the power of ~Bastion magic~ providing appropriate amounts of additional dirt.

The lower floor is designed as a proper Ura den full of comfy pillows and pretty lanterns and such.

Residents: Zia, Zulf, Raile, and Rucks (autopilot)

The Distillery
Attached to the back of the Distillery is a small living area consisting of two bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom. It is connected to the Distillery via a door in the living room, which goes into the kitchens. Behind the living area is a small farm and shed.

Residents: Georges, Mireille, and Samuel (NPCs)

Gohan's house
On the east side of the Bastion, there is a small, eight-square-yard area with a tiny house on it.


The Hitachiin-Abe home
The Hitachiin-Abe home is a sprawling estate in Heian Period style architecture and decor. Built of cedar and pine with an elegant brick tile roof, it is a tasteful homage to the original Abe estate in Heian-kyō, the only marked difference being the lack of a surrounding property wall - a gesture of goodwill from an otherwise solitary inhabitant.

The interior is spacious and inviting, done in warm colors and making ample use of natural lighting. Deliberately free of most modern influence, the only electricity in the home is spared for indoor plumbing on the ground floor, well away from the private chambers. The first floor holds most of the communal spaces for dining, training and bathing as well as the viewing deck, or lanai, and spare rooms. The second floor holds the main suites belonging to the primary homeowners, sufficiently isolated from guests and noise pollution.

Outside are ponds and gardens that serve both as places of peaceful reflection and a home to a variety of fruit-bearing plants, namely cherries, plums and persimmons.

In effort to be more welcoming to inhabitants of the Bastion, the home has no outer wall and people are welcome to enjoy the gardens and visit at their leisure for any help an onmyoji could feasibly provide, be it mystical, spiritual or otherwise supernatural as a doctor is already available at the hospital. They may also inquire about fashion and decorating, as well as more European styles of combat and magic or subject themselves to a pervert.

Residents: Adrian "Alucard" Fahrenheit Tepes

The Lost-and-Found
Above the Lost-and-Found is a small loft-style home. It is one open room, which has been divided into a living room and a bed room via folding walls.

Residents: Esther (NPC)

Paarthurnax's field
This is a chunk of land south of the river, on the southern side of the Baston. Paarthurnax has taken to setting up a home for himself there. Since there is no bridge over the river, the only way across is to swim or fly.

Residents: Paarthurnax

The Pokemon Daycare Center
In the Southern quadrant of the Bastion, an old looking two story farm house sits, with dark wood siding and white trim. A long porch sits outside the entrance, and a long fence trails around a decently sized yard.

The first floor contains a living room turned play area for Pokemon, as well as a kitchen looking out in to the yard and a laundry room at it's left.

The second floor is entirely living space for humans - three bedrooms. N and Hilda occupy the master, Anna and AZ taking up the second and third rooms. Also one might notice that the roof of this place is far higher than a normal house would contain - that is, of course, to accommodate for AZ's tremendous height and to make sure the place is comfortable for him.

The back yard has a large pond on one side, while the rest is covered by a thick, lush grass. Near the back, a strip of cultivated land bears six trees, each of them growing a different kind of berry native to the Pokemon world. Next to that, a mulcher stands, ready to take any extra berries to make mulch.

Residents: Anna, Az, Hilda, N, and all the pokemon

The Ranch
While the majority of the Ranch is a series of large, fenced-in fields connected to a barn, there is a one-story house on the lands. This house has a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, and four bedrooms.


Sunset House
A modest three-story house with a warm reddish-orange brick exterior and large windows. The first floor includes a cozy living area complete with fireplace and plush sofa, a decently sized kitchen and connected dining area, and a half bath. The second floor has the full bath and three bedrooms of equal size.

The third floor is a plain loft area about half the size of the first two stories. On the west side, french doors open out onto the flat roof of the second story. There is no railing to prevent anyone from falling off, just a lip about a foot high.

Adjacent to the house and facing out onto the yard is a small chocobo stable with three stalls and some space for storage. The stable door is typically left open, and the yard is not fenced off, giving the birds free reign of the Bastion. The stable just provides them a place to roost.

Residents: Ghaleon, chocobos

The Workshop
While the workshop is primarily meant for working, there is a small living area on the third floor. See the setting page for more information about the workshop itself.

Residents: Colin Starfury

Adding a residence
To add your character to the residence listing, fill out the following form and post it as a reply to this page.

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