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This is a glossary of terms that have either been used on an information page or will be used within the game. Check back here from time to time, more terms will be added as the game progresses.

the Bastion
Created by the people of Caelondia, The Bastion was constructed to serve as a sanctuary for displaced citizens in the event of an emergency. It is a series of connected land masses floating within the Skyway, yet it is not fully connected to the rest of the Skyway. The Bastion is controlled by the Monument, which is at the very center of the open lands.

The Bastion was damaged in the Calamity, and is operating at about 20% capacity. More Cores and Shards will be needed to bring it back to 100%.

the Calamity
The Calamity destroyed the city of Caelondia and much of both the Old World and many other worlds within the universe. It is speculated to have accomplished this by fracturing the surface of every world it touched, literally tearing them to pieces.

Few survived the Calamity; most were turned to petrified ash that disintegrates upon contact.

Areas that survived the Calamity were only able to do so because of the presence of local Cores. As soon as the Cores are removed, those areas will break apart.

the Old World
The Old World is a term that is used when describing an event that occured before The Calamity took place. It is specifically the world that contained Caleondia before it was destroyed. Not much is left of the Old World, but what remains makes up part of the Skyway. Most of the population of the Old World is speculated to have perished during The Calamity. The Old World was more peaceful than the New World, being that the monsters from underground were not hostile.

the New World
The New World is the name for the era after the Calamity. The New World includes the Bastion and all parts of the Skyway.

Caelondia was a great city in the Old World that stood for a hundred years before it was destroyed in the Calamity. Few Caels survived, and they made their way to the Bastion.

Some time ago, Caelondia was at war with the Ura. About 50 years ago, the Caels and the Ura were able to find peace, though relations between the two people have always been shaky at best.

Notable Caels: Serena, Esther, Nathaniel, Samuel

the Ura
The Ura were a race of humans often in competition with the Caels. Not much is known about them, besides the fact that they are much paler than Caels and choose to make their homes underground.

Prior to the Calamity, the Ura were at peace with Caels. However, the Ura were always distrustful of Ura who chose to live in Caelondia.

It is assumed that the Ura were wiped out in the Calamity.

Notable Ura: Stewart, Anna (both residents of Caelondia)

The generic term for anyone who didn't come from the Old World.

Notable Otherworlders: Mireille, Georges, Louise

the Skyway
This is the term for the miscellaneous land masses that are floating in what was left of the Old World. Land on the Skyway is very unstable and has been known to shift without warning.

The Skyway responds to the presence of Cores and Shards, pulling itself towards those sources of power. Using an amulet, characters can navigate the Skyway by simply walking around. While the ground does follow its own design, paths will form for characters to use.

The name given to larger, more stable patches of land within the Skyway. Since these are often one large piece of land, instead of several smaller pieces, they are more stable. However, they are a very rare occurrence, and are often overrun by monsters.

Once used as power generators the World That Was, the Cores are made out of burstone infused with the essence of Windbags. They are not made of Windbags, but Windbags nest in the rocks down at Burstone Quarry. The continually produce energy and are thus warm and vibrating. They also "remember" the World that Was.

Cores are used as a power source for the Bastion. Currently, 3 cores have been placed into the Monument.

Shards, described as "a poor man's cores", are smaller pieces of the same material as Cores. They cannot retain the great power of the Cores, but smaller amounts of energy.

They are originally scattered throughout the Wilds by Caelondian explorers, with the hopes that those areas may someday be colonized. After the Calamity, the Shards possess just enough energy to stabilize their seeded locations, much like Cores. Therefore, once a Shard is removed, the area falls apart.

Shards are used to create changes within the Bastion.

the Monument
The Monument is the centerpiece of the Bastion. It somehow funnels the power of the Cores into reviving the Bastion.

the Guilds
A remnant of the Old World, the Guilds ran Caelondia. There was a guild for each sector of the city (The Marshalls were the law enforcement, the Mancers were responsible for building the Bastion, the Masons were in charge of the walls of Caelondia, etc), and for the most part they policed their own.

the Gods of the Old World
The Gods are deities who were worshiped by both the Caeldonians and the Ura. It is rumored that worshiping a particular God had the potential to bless followers with gifts or shower them with misfortunes. There seemed to be no real rhyme or reason, why the Gods chose to do what they did.

Monsters had always lived in the Old World, but after the Calamity they moved to the surface and became hostile. They stay far away from the Bastion, but any trip to the Skyway risks running into monsters. See the bestiary for more information.

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