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Quests are occasionally given out by NPCs within the Bastion. They can be anything from fetch quests to upgrades for a character's weapons or items.

All quests are given out by interacting with NPCs ICly. Here is a list of common ways to get a quest:

- Requesting a weapon ugrade from Stuart at the Forge
- Requesting special items from Louise at the Arsenal
- Interacting with any NPC in an NPC post in [community profile] thebastion
- Finding a quest during an event post

If your character is given a quest, the comment issuing the quest will specify that in the subject header, and the comment itself will contain the specifics of the quest. Sometimes it could be gathering certain items, other times it could involve killing monsters or completing certain tasks. Whatever the case, the quest must be completed in some part ICly. This could be mentioning the quest in a post, or threading out part of the quest in [community profile] thebastion. Proof of completing the quest must be included in the form listed below.

For fetch quests, all items must be accounted for in some way or another. For items retrieved from the Lost & Found, linking to the request in the Lost & Found post is enough to count as proof. For items retrieved from the Skyway, you must link the Skyway post where the character went looking for the item. Unless specified otherwise by the mods, you can assume that characters will be able to find one item per trip to the Skyway. So if a fetch quest requires three items, and none of those items can be found at the Lost & Found, you will need to supply links for three trips to the Skyway as proof of completing the quest.

Characters are allowed to request help from other characters. For example, if a character needs to obtain two items for a quest, and they request help from one other character, one trip to the Skyway per character will be sufficient for the quest.

Once you have completed a quest, fill out the following form and post it here. A mod will verify that the quest has been completed, and your character will receive the reward outlined in the initial quest post.

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Date: 2013-12-22 07:57 am (UTC)
croceamors: (trilies) (warning > Now I'm lost and)
From: [personal profile] croceamors
Character name: Saix
Quest post: I just realized I kept spelling his name wrong whoops
Proof posts: He grabbed these losers for one day, and then made plans with this loser for another day.


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