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Also known as Warrior Carcinus (Tiger Shark), Ahime is from a version of Earth where Atlantis never sank, and still exists as a matriarch-ruled nation in the Atlantic ocean during the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century. However like everything else, it was destroyed in the Calamity and she was sadly the only survivor from the nation island.

She's a swordswoman, and as the former second in command to the Queen of Atlantis, a formidable military strategist. In spite of this, she has a very warm, open personality, and is willing to teach anyone her skills, should they be interested and serious about it. She also has control over water and enhanced speed, though like any player character her powers are limited to three uses a day.

She's just shy of her thirty first birthday and her married surname is Dimosthenis.

Played by: Jeni

Anna is a young girl who lives with her father, Stewart. She does odd jobs within the Bastion, and she can be seen running about on errands most days. She and her father arrived at the Bastion on Day 1. Her mother was killed in the Calamity.

Anna is a cheerful young girl of about eleven years old. She is usually the first to greet newcomers, and she loves helping out in the fields and gardens around the Bastion.

Played by: Mandy

Esther is a young girl who is in charge of the Lost-and-Found. She arrived on Day 1. Before the Calamity, Esther's family ran a large tailor shop. Esther continues to do seamstress work in her spare time.

Esther is a perky girl who is always happy to chat with anyone. She can be a bit emotional at times, but she tries to keep herself in check. Esther is about sixteen years old.

Played by: Leia

Georges is the bartender at the Distillery. He lives with his wife, Mireille, and a young boy by the name of Samuel. Georges and Mireille arrived at the Bastion on Day 5. Georges is a laid-back man who laughs a lot and prefers to think positively. He is in his mid-thirties.

Played by: James

Kelly is a twenty-something musician from some poor suburb of some small England town that he refuses to say the name of. Suffering from slight delusions of grandeur, he imagines himself to be more famous than he really is, and constantly insists that he was going to be the "next big thing... as soon as [he] catches the right break, that is". He does have quite the singing voice, though, and passable skills with guitars.

Unfortunately the Calamity sort of ended any chance he would have had at stardom, and the funny thing of it being that it was two days before the new millennium that his world ended. Go figure.

He lacks any real skill that can be used in the Bastion, but when he's not in a state of constant perplexity over his situation, he can actually be good for a little cheering up with his music.

Kelly will never give out his last name or his exact age.

Played by: Jeni

Louise is a scholar who runs the Arsenal. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he comes from a different world than all the other survivors. He is a very crafty person, and he is also responsible for making the amulets, health potions, and tonics. He arrived on Day 29, along with a friend who perished on the Skyway on Day 57.

Louise is a very quirky person. He often buries himself in his work, and can be seen working all hours of the day and night. He talks very quickly, jumping from one conversation topic to the next. He appears to be in his early 20s.

Played by: James

Mireille is the cook who works at the Distillery. She lives with her husband, Georges, and a young boy by the name of Samuel. Mireille is a kind woman in her early thirties, and she always has a warm smile on her face. She and Georges arrived at the Bastion on Day 5.

Mireille gave birth to a baby boy on Day 120, and will likely have the baby with her whenever she appears.

Played by: Mandy

Nathaniel is a young mechanic who works on the various machine parts of the Bastion. He technically arrived on Day 1, but he was already within the Bastion when the Calamity occurred, which is probably why he was spared. He was an apprentice to one of the maintainers of the Bastion, who perished on the Skyway on Day 57. Since his teacher's death, he's taken up the responsibilities of head mechanic.

Nathanial is an exceptionally bright man when it comes to machines, but he is a bit socially awkward. He prefers to work instead of chat, but he won't be rude to anyone who talks to him. Nathaniel is about twenty years old.

Played by: Mandy

Samuel is a young boy who lives in the Bastion. He arrived at the Bastion on Day 2, along with his father and Serena. His father died on Day 16, and he was taken in by Mireille and Georges.

Samuel is a quiet boy. The death of his father affected him greatly, and he often hides himself away during the day. He will only speak to Mireille and Anna, and will often run away from anyone else who approaches him. He is about nine years old.

Played by: Leia

Serena is a priestess who runs both the Memorial and the Shrine. Before the Calamity, she was one of many young women who studied religion at a monastery. She arrived on Day 2, along with Samuel and another man who died on Day 16.

Serena is a reserved woman who takes her duties as a spiritual leader very seriously. She listens to anyone who wants to share their problems with her, and if asked she will give advice. Serena is in her late twenties.

Played by: Leia

Stewart is a blacksmith who runs the Forge. He lives with his daughter, Anna. The two of them arrived at the Bastion on Day 1. His wife was killed in the Calamity.

Stewart is a solemn man in his mid-forties who does not smile often. He works hard every day, and he does not like it when people are lazy. Despite his stony exterior, Stewart is a very kind person and is always looking out for others.

Played by: Jeni

A good natured, well meaning middle aged Ura man who always offers a warm smile to any who approach him. He is not above telling stories of his youth, and seems to generally enjoy being around people in spite of the fact that most Ura have been described as distrusting of others, Caeldonains especially. He arrived with an Ura Crossbow and appears to be very capable with it.

Played by: Mandy

A much more dour young Ura woman, Zayna is Zahi's daughter and the last surviving member of their large family and not nearly as sociable or warm as her father. She's often seen wearing a frown, and would rather play her flute than speak to other people. She arrived with an Ura Halberd and is a decent fighter with it.

Played by: Jeni

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Date: 2013-12-28 10:35 am (UTC)
wayofvoice: (Yor Toor Shul + Good men must die)
From: [personal profile] wayofvoice
NPC needed: All the Ura
Link to thread: /reaches for

Date: 2013-12-29 05:02 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bastionpc
Unfortunately with Mandy out, I can't give you Zahi. :c But I can offer up Zayna if that's alright?

Date: 2013-12-29 05:04 am (UTC)
fuckthemancers: (Sweet home)
From: [personal profile] fuckthemancers
ngl I totally forgot you guys had an *actual* character named Zahi. 8U Mind liiiiink

But yes, I am totally up for Zayna too. [insert happy petted owl emote too] I am up for all the Ura interactions.

Date: 2013-12-29 05:09 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bastionpc
lol its okay I figured you either didn't know or forgot, but it's making for a cute conversation.

Would you like a separate thread for her, or do you want to have Rin take him to her?

Date: 2013-12-29 05:17 am (UTC)
fuckthemancers: (I set my sail)
From: [personal profile] fuckthemancers
Either works for me!

Would Zulf know Zahi at all? I don't know if he's one of the elusive and rare Caelondia-stuck Ura or actually from the Terminals.

...Also I like the idea of the Bastioncast possibly knowing NPCs because I'm a loser like that

Date: 2013-12-29 05:19 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bastionpc
... I'm going to PP you just a moment.


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